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A Family Stability Program

In an effort to help parents understand the impact of divorce on their children, and to help parents focus on the child’s needs during this transition period, the Scioto County Domestic Relations Court requires parent to attend the “Successful Co-Parenting” program.

The termination of a marriage with children can have a major impact on the life of a child. For most children, divorce is the single event that affects their lives the most. A child can become emotionally overwhelmed by the parents’ divorce, and while there is no way to prevent this suffering, there are ways to help children through this painful time in their lives.

Divorce involves loss and grief just like the death of a loved one, but divorce involves choice. A choice has been made by one, or both parents in which the child has had little, or no input. This can make a child feel helpless. Divorce necessarily changes the family structure forever and it can permanently alter a child’s beliefs about what marriage and family are supposed to be.

As a divorcing parent, you will face new challenges in trying to help your child deal with these and other emotions. That is why, in Scioto County, parents who are ending their marriage are required to attend one three hour seminar entitled “Successful Co-Parenting.”

Parents are required to attend this minimal cost program within 60 days of filing to end their marriage with the Scioto County Domestic Relations Court. Seminar topics include visitation issues, parenting roles, communications skills, effects of stress on children as they develop, and ways to effectively address the many changes and emotions that come as the result of divorce. Most importantly, parents will learn how negative parental interactions emotionally harm their child. Parents can apply the skills they learn in this program to help their child cope with the aftermath of divorce, and to adjust to a new family structure with a healthier outlook.

Successful Co-Parenting was developed by and is presented in conjunction with The Ohio State University Extension.


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