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The Court offers a Mediation program to the public free of charge. Mediation is a process in which individuals work out a mutual agreement on issues that are creating conflict for them with the aid of a specially trained neutral third-party known as a Mediator. Mediation is an opportunity to settle disputes at the lowest level in the least intrusive way. It can save time, money, and often relationships. Mediation brings people in conflict together in a comfortable, neutral, confidential setting where they control the decisions that affect them, and their families. Mediation can reduce the amount of time spent in litigation, costs related to litigation, and may help parties maintain on-going relationships. If an agreement is reached in Mediation the Mediator will draft a copy of any agreement reached in the session and refer the parties to their individual attorneys to review the agreement. If possible, the parties may be able to appear before the Judge, or Magistrate to finalize their agreement in open Court.


Scioto County Domestic Relations Court, Scioto County Courthouse,

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