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Our Family Wizard is a useful online resource which can be utilized to help families reduce conflicts over parenting issues. The Our Family Wizard website provides a neutral zone for parent communications to help manage the challenges of shared parenting with a former spouse or partner. This innovative tool allows parents to share information without putting children in the middle. It is a vehicle for maintaining impartial and accurate records to avoid costly “he said, she said” disputes. Our Family Wizard offers five useful tools to reduce stress and conflict between parents: Calendar, Expense Log, Message Board, Journal and Info Bank. The Calendar feature allows parents to schedule activities, swap responsibilities and set up parenting plans in advance. The Expense Log gives parents the ability to approve individual expenses and even make electronic payments without conflict directly through Our Family Wizard. Message Boards allow families to send, receive and maintain private messages. Miscommunications can be virtually eliminated by verifying when messages are sent, received and opened. The Journal allows parents to post comments about days on the calendar. Finally, the Info Bank feature allows parents to share important information such as emergency contact information, immunization records and much more. Files can even be uploaded for virtual document storage. The parties can always agree to utilize the services of Our Family Wizard and the Court may even Order its use in high conflict cases in order to reduce the stress upon the children and encourage the parents to find different ways to resolve any conflicts without involving the children. More information about this third-party service can be found at www.ourfamilywizard.com, or by calling 1.866.755.9991.

The Court does not endorse and is not affiliated in any way with Our Family Wizard.


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